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A class action lawsuit is a vital tool for holding manufacturers and corporations liable for making and selling defective products that harm consumers. This type of lawsuit allows large groups of individuals who have suffered similar injuries from the same product to combine resources in one legal action against a negligent entity. Class action lawsuits are important for helping make sure the voices of everyday consumers are heard by the corporations who have caused them harm.

The class action lawyers at Roden Law are currently investigating claims on behalf of individuals who have been harmed by the products outlined below. If you have been harmed by a defective product, medical devices or medication, you may have legal options for obtaining compensation for the injuries and other expenses you have experienced. Schedule a free consultation with our class action attorneys today to discuss the option of joining an existing class action lawsuit or filing an individual lawsuit on your behalf. We are experienced in helping injury victims obtain the justice they deserve. We do not charge legal fees for our services unless we obtain compensation for you.

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